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Feng Shui Cures 2016

Feng Shui Cures

feng shui cures

Feng shui cures

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science which is used for bringing peace, harmony, prosperity and love in the life. It involves placing certain peculiar objects in specific places in our house, office etc, following the rules based on the four directions.

Before starting to place the cures based on Feng Shui, we would have to consider a few things. First of all we have to de-clutter the space where we have to place the Feng Shui objects. Placing the objects without clearing off the space, invites more trouble rather than solving the problem.

The next thing to be considered would be that one cannot have more than required good things. There must be a balance. Placing more than required cures of Feng Shui, could deter and stop the success, hence one must be slow and also gauge the results, mainly in the event where one wants to achieve.

One should remember not to put more than 2 cures at a particular time. The improvements and effects would be ready to be noticed after the completion of a single lunar phase i.e. after 30 days. After one is satisfied with the results, it can be continued. A priority list has to be made and followed slowly in the following months. We have to relax and not panic when things start appearing getting worse or chaotic initially as that would happen sometimes while the energy is shifting to a higher and lighter vibration.

Intention is of the utmost importance. We should not go on stacking the cures in the area. Instead of that we should add more meaning to it and make it more powerful and hold the intention for what we desire by expressing thankfulness and gratitude and believe that it already has taken place. For example, we should thank in advance by saying thank you for the funds to buy this new house. And all of these things should be done with a feeling of great joy and fun and not take it as a strict set of rules.

One should have a strong feeling that the cure of the Feng Shui holds a great meaning and importance in one’s life. We create our reality and that’s why we should express the same through our environment. We must choose the cure which holds more significance and that proves to be the most important and powerful step. Sometimes just a happy picture of you and your partner proves to be more effective than keeping a cure of a rose quartz.

Last but not least, one has to remember that one can hire a cure. For example, if a window of my house looks out towards a huge electrical transformer, I can request the transformer for the provision of vitality, power and energy for my home. This proves to be very useful in case of inability to change an element which is inauspicious around and in the house.

The details of the different types of cures in the Feng Shui

  • Plants and other living things provide abundant with auspicious and pure energy. They control the moderation of the energy flow in the house.
  • For uplifting energy lights, sparkly stuff and crystals can be placed.
  • For activating, expanding, circulating and deflecting energy, mirrors can prove to be very efficient.
  • Sound alters and changes the energy wonderfully in space. Wind chimes and sounds of nature are excellent examples of it.
  • For stability in the energy and grounding, solid heavy objects like stones, rocks or heavy furniture, are ideal, mainly in case one lives on a higher floor.
  • The vibration of color can be used for enhancing, altering or uplifting the energy in the house, when used in a proper manner.
  • Moving or mobile objects including windsocks, water fountains, ceiling fans etc.
  • Another powerful method for energy alteration is symbolic objects or symbols. They can be Aztec, Mediterranean, Chinese or something personal to you.
  • Some other effective methods are placing objects like statues of 3 legged frogs facing East and West directions.
  • Money Buddha statue brings prosperity and happiness in abundance when placed in the work place of an individual.
  • A fish bowl comprising of 6 Golden fish and black fish ensures that no harm ever befalls on your house and you live in perfect peace and health.
  • Ideally, each corner of the house has a typical significance. The northeast corner is considered to be very holy and life giving. Hence, there should be presence of a temple or water source in this part of the house. If they are not available, one can place a blue light or place a painting of blue colour in that section.
  • The southeast corner is considered to be hot and providing warmth. Hence, ideally a kitchen or a source of fire or electricity should be placed over there. If not possible, one can place a red painting in that section.
  • The northwest section of the house is considered to have the wind power, and things kept in that section are usually for temporary usage. One must keep in mind not to place any valuables or expensive things placed in that section.
  • The southwest section is considered to be the section of stability. It has the power of the earth. So, ideally, heavy furniture or beautiful rock structures or wardrobes should be placed in that section. One can expect stability and prosperity in life while following these positioning methods.
  • Crystal tortoise kept in a crystal plate filled with water enough to drown its knuckles is considered to be a great attracter of money and prosperity. One should make sure that the tortoise always faces east, no matter wherever it is placed in the house.

The above given remedies are tried and tested by people over ancient times. A strong belief and a clear conscience would help these remedies to prove very effective in your life. Always remember to enjoy and be happy while following them.


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