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When will i get married and to whom free prediction

Free astrology marriage predictions

astrology marriage predictions

Astrology marriage predictions

Marriage and love predictions through ancient science of astrology

We all know that love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It is the purest feeling and the strongest base of life. Love has changed the course of history over time and again. Everyone longs for a partner who loves unconditionally with great trust and care. Hence, questions like ‘Would I get married ever?’, ‘When would I get married?’, ‘To whom would I get married?’, ‘Would I get a partner through love marriage or arranged marriage?’, ‘Would we live happily forever after marriage?’ etc haunt our minds on a regular basis. Also, our friends, relatives, elders and neighbours play a very important role in reminding us the facts related to getting married. These questions have been a part of our culture since eons. And the answer to these questions is totally misleading if one does not take proper care and guidance with the help of astrological methods and techniques.

One can thank their lucky stars when we say that we have found the code to the secret pattern and language of astrology which was earlier used by ancient famous sages. The analysis of your horoscope is done by us with respect to your time and date of birth and Navgraha chart and also the true condition of the Dashas and transition of planets to zero down on the aspects of marriage and also that whether it would be arranged or love marriage. Not only these questions are answered directly, but also a lot of things related to your future wife or husband and your married life, the prediction would be done by us.


According to the Indian tradition earlier, looking for a suitable and eligible bride or groom for the children was the sole accountability of the parents. In the western culture it might sound very orthodox, it is an undeniable truth. However, in the new age of India, situation has changed totally and boys and girls are interested in choosing their own partners rather than letting their parents choose one for them. They detest the arranged marriage which has the approval of our customs and tradition. The young and zesty generation likes to take advantage of this thought process and as a result everyone these days is looking for a partner on social media sites, matrimonial or dating sites, newspaper, marriage portals, friendship clubs etc and hoping to find a suitable partner. You luck is in favor as we have a deep knowledge of the ancient science in astrology, which would help in predicting the most possible medium through which a life partner can be chosen.

How important is a birthday chart in a marriage process?

India is not the only country to take the help of astrology for the prediction of important facts related to relationship and marriage. But as a matter of fact, Indian people have a tremendous faith in astrological science and even before they think to look out for a groom or a bride, like prefer to consult astrological predictions for their marriage on the basis of their birth charts and horoscopes to find out the sort of person they would have as a partner and also the date of their marriage. A renowned astrologer can give the predictions of such things by deeply analyzing the placement of the planet Venus in the astrological chart and horoscope, the position and lord of the 7th house, planetary position of the 7th house, planetary positions in the Navamamsa chart and the currently going on Dasha – Bhukti. However, in order to do so, the astrologer would require the accurate details of the birth, for e.g. the date of birth, the month of birth, the year of birth and of course the time when the birth took place. One should not forget to provide the city of birth and also the country of birth along with the details mentioned above.

The reason for buying this prospect

A team of astrologers, who is expert in this matter, who has a tremendous experience of carrying out several such researches, works with us. They have solved the codes of the secret astrological facts which are very useful at the time when the marriage predictions are being made. With the help of excellent and rich astrological facts and experiences, which the astrologers have received and gained after many years of hard work, they do predict the time of the marriage ceremony, the details of the life after the marriage, the characteristics and nature of your partner in the future, the instances leading to divorce if any, and a lot of such similar information. Hence, this proves to be the ultimate and worthy report of marriage meant for bachelors as well as married individuals, all over, all alike.

A quick review of the questions answered by the report

  • When would I most probably get married?
  • How would my partner be, with respect to nature, type and looks?
  • What is the reason my marriage is getting delayed?
  • Will I be able to marry the one whom I am in a relationship at the moment?
  • Would I get married to a person from a foreign land?
  • Would I be rich after marriage? How will be my position regarding finances and family, after I get married?
  • Would my being manglik, affect my family life? Will it be destroyed?
  • Would I need to wear a lucky gemstone or do I have to observe fast to have a successful and an early married life?
  • What are the gudilines which I can use as remedies for the betterment of my married life?
  • What are the Maha- Dasha and the Antar –Dasha frame of time in the relationship prediction, for at least 10-12 years?

So, contact our astrologer to get best results for future any predictions.


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